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The Rhodes Ballet was established in Kaohsiung City in 1995. When the head of the troupe, Mingzhu Su, moved back to Hualien, her hometown where she grew up, to teach Cida and Cizhong 2000 years ago, she also quietly transplanted to Hualien to take root. The troupe applied for registration in Kaohsiung, and it was the people from all walks of life in Kaohsiung who were shouting slogans to wash away the title of "cultural desert" ridiculed by northern Taiwan. The establishment of the dance troupe immediately attracted the attention of audiences in southern Taiwan. Titles, ranging from government units to non-governmental organizations, cultural and educational circles to promote cultural activities. At that time, Su Mingzhu, who was the director of the dance department at the Kaohsiung Chinese Arts School, recruited outstanding dancers from Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and Chiayi at that time to form the Rhodes Ballet. It was regarded as a new dance force and attracted many artists who were active in southern Taiwan. , dance teachers, theater workers, sculptors, dancers, performance and drama teachers participated in the event. At that time, the nature of the dance troupe was positioned to perform ballet, drama dance, and theater dance. The direction of performance production is also based on ballet and dramatic dance performances as the main performance methods.

The name of the dance troupe is derived from the word RONDO. The original meaning of the musical term RONDO is rondo, rondo, whichever has the meaning of "repeated and repeated". The Chinese name "罗罗" sounds like RONDO and has another meaning; in the world of dance art, the spirit of teamwork and mutual support is most needed. Therefore, everyone hopes that the partners who participate in Rhodes are good-natured, good-spirited, expected by everyone, and try their best to recruit "virtuous" work partners. Therefore, being virtuous is the belief of every Rhodes performer, and only when the belief is the same can everyone work together for a long-term and happy cooperation.

When Director Su Mingzhu returned to Hualien in 2000, he began to cultivate young dance talents for the local area and promote more diverse cultural and dance audiences. In 2003, he organized the establishment of the Rhodes Performing Arts Theater for the Rhodes Ballet The second regiment of the regiment was filed with the Cultural Bureau of Hualien County. In the past 15 years, he has cultivated and discovered many dance talents for the local area. In recent years, he has also begun to attract the attention of the local government. He has actively provided support and subsidies for the administration and performance funds of the dance troupe. He was selected as an outstanding dancer in Hualien County in 2016 and 2017. Team number one. In the steady planning and training, the dance troupe has started to enter the field of research and innovation, and also hopes that the new generation of dance blood can create a new situation for the dance world and inherit the essence of the previous generation.

Rhodes 1st and 2nd troupes share labor and cooperate with each other to complement each other. Led by Rhodes Ballet, they go deeper into the field of professional dance art and improve the level of performances. Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, the dance troupe continues to promote the development of dance performance art, provides a platform for professional performers to perform, promotes art education and cultivates new generation artists, and creates and introduces better performances to audiences.

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