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The Rhodes Performing Arts Theater has held the "Wild Lan Dance Festival" dance presentation for 6 years, and started the "Dream Catcher" project in 2012. The dance troupe selects three to four choreographers and provides manpower and The support of material and financial resources allowed him to concentrate on creation, and handed over a report card in one year. For two consecutive years, the project of "Dream Catcher" has played a great role, making the dance creation world in Hualien, which was originally lacking in momentum. , with a new topic and vision, it also attracted many creators to respond to join the Dream Catcher Project. This time, the choreographers of the third Dream Catcher all signed up because they were "itched" after watching the second performance. Among them, Huang Zhihong, a creative genius who volunteered to sign up after watching the first and second Dreamcatchers, Tang Yuchan, a young creator who the dance troupe is actively cultivating and vows to participate in every session, and Su Mingzhu, the head of the dance troupe who has always been creative, There are three choreographers in total.  
We hope that the younger generation can have dreams and realize their dreams, and we have indeed built a field for them to incubate their dreams, hoping that they will fully present their dreams as expected. This is one of the plans of "Dream Catcher" Mission and Goals……….  


2015/01/17 (Sat) 19:30  Guling Street Theater_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf 58d_

2015/01/18 (Sun) 14:30  Guling Street Theater

2015/01/24 (Sat) 19:30  Kaohsiung Cultural Center Zhishan Hall

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◆10% discount on tickets for students, military police, and veterans

◆10% discount for groups of 10 or more

◆People with disabilities can enjoy a 50% discount on tickets

◆Seniors aged 65 or above can enjoy a 50% discount on ticket purchases before entering the venue.

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